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Rabbi's Reflections

Rabbi's Reflections - October 2011

Monday, January 30, 2012

First and foremost, may you be inscribed for a year of health and happiness. . .


Now to the business at hand - As Mark Silberman mentioned is his Rosh Hashanah morning talk, we have created a Leadership Development class.  At this time, eight members of the Kehillah have signed up to participate.  There will be monthly meetings on Wednesday evenings beginning this month through May (see the full schedule later in this issue).  Enrollment is still open.  We would love to have a few more future leaders sign up.  Contact me for an application.


As I mentioned in my talks about the Shofar service, several members of the Kehillah joined Dr. Betsy Gard and me in a groundbreaking adult spiritual curriculum known as Ayeka.  Ayeka was created to enable Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations to discover, explore, and deepen their own unique relationship with God.   What is spiritual education?  Education which invites, allows, and enables me to walk the path of living in the Image of God.  Education for transformation is wholly different than education for information.  Ayeka creates a safe space to personally engage.  No one is attacking, criticizing or judging .  Everyone is on the same path of soulful discovery.


When you come to Ayeka sessions you  begin to explore what traditional Jewish texts and your own personal experience can teach you about your relationship with God and how we can use this relationship to enhance our lives and to bring out the best in ourselves and in all our personal relationships.  Two Kehillah members who took the class wrote the following:


       “The Ayeka class helps me remember the little things I can do to stay spiritually connected to God

        through my daily life.  It helps reduce my stress and maintain my mood better than any therapy

        or medicine! “

       “For so long I have been searching for a way to have a more personal relationship with G-d and

         The Ayeka program cleared the path for me. The modules are designed for self discovery and the

         interaction between all the participants is amazing! I DO believe I am a different person because

         of Ayeka and G-d is now really a part of my daily life! I look forward to where the next sessions

         will take me!”


Judaism is not about acquiring content, conveying content, or knowing more and more. It’s not about information.  It’s about transformation.  It’s about becoming.  It’s about using the information to evoke a better kinder, holier you. It’s about removing the obstacles that hinder our souls from



If getting in touch with your spiritual side is one of your resolutions, join us on Sunday, October 23rd at 9:30 am in the Chapel for a ‘Taste’ of Ayeka.  Classes will continue weekly at the same time after that.


For more information go to

G’mar Tov,

Rabbi Harvey Winokur