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Road to Confirmation


Our post-B'nai Mitzvah students in grades 8 - 10 can continue their Jewish education by participating in Road to Confirmation and Chai 5


Our goal for Road to Confirmation (RTC) is to offer a meaningful and relevant Jewish educational experience that will strengthen the students' appreciation for, and identification with, their faith through active participation in a variety of structured programs and activities.  Our current guidelines include continued Jewish education, as well as experiences in religious worship, Jewish culture, social action, volunteerism and an opportunity to compare Jewish beliefs with that of other religions.


Chai 5 is for 8th and 9th grade students who meet for experiential learning 8 times per year.  This program combines social action, mitzvah, volunteerism to TKC and/or charitable organizations and much more to choose from when building points toward Confirmation in 10th grade.


Our 10th grade will complete the Road to Confirmation program, with two classes during each session.

(Please see Religious School webpage for online registration form)